About Us

Vachnadziani is one of the oldest wine factories in the village Vachnadziani (Gurjaani Municipality) which was established in 1953. Total area of the factory is 7.03 hectare and its had the capacity to process 9 thousand tone grapes per year. The factory is equipped with Italian machinery. In 19th century, the territory on which the factory "Vachnadziani" is located was owned by the Noble Levan Jandieri. After Sovietization, the Jandieri family was exiled and their vineyard was deprived. Later, during the collectivization, with the effort of the local population the winery "Red Cellar" was established here and 200 kvevris were installed and the construction of stone walls started.

The construction was stopped in the beginning of World War II and it renewed from 1944. 200 additional kvevris were installed in the second part of the newly constructed building. The building finished and it had the form of completed cellar and locals called it “Punkti”. The expansion of the vineyards caused a lack of kvevris, which resulted in the creation of a special workshop where oak barrels, bouts and tubs were created for aging wine. In the following years, the number of grape providers had increased so much that the factory had been re-equipped with iron, enameled and stainless steel tanks of different capacities. In 1953 the winery was renamed into Samtresti Shroma Wine Factory and since 1976 it became the member of Gurjaani Wine Enterprises Union. In 1990 the factory was renamed into “Vachnadziani Wine Factory” (as village Shroma was renamed into Vachnadziani).